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New to TC? Tips from Me to You

Now that I have completed my first year at Teachers College, the biggest tip that I offer is: Hit the ground running! Even for students doing their degrees part-time, the time goes by quickly. Make a list before you start your program of what you want to get out of your Master's program and get …

Posted 9 months ago by Hallie

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Walking Through London, Reflecting on A Year

As the Empire State Building lit up with blue and white colour congratulating Columbia University’s graduating classes this year, I began a three-week break visiting families overseas. In between traveling to Sweden and Hong Kong to visit friends and families, I stole a couple of days wandering about London, enjoying time alone and photographing. Traveling …

Posted 9 months ago by Toi Sin Arvidsson

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Some Best Practices for Applying to Graduate School

I hope that my blogs over the past year have informed all of you about my first year at TC and given you a sense of the student experience. There are definitely challenges but it is all worth it in the end. For this last blog, I wanted to offer some tips to help you …

Posted 9 months ago by Caitlin Aymong

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Welcome Admitted Students 2013!

Looking back to when I received my admission letter and packed my bags to head to New York, it is hard to believe that my time here is already halfway through! I watched the class of 2013 graduate a few weeks ago and bid them good luck, as they left their marks in TC’s rich …

Posted 9 months ago by Megha Sardana

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Two Courses Away From Graduation!

(This blog entry was written in early May, before the end of the spring semester.) The biggest take away from my time at TC has been to never say “No.”  It is amazing how many different opportunities exist and are available for students to take advantage of, from all different departments.  While it is difficult …

Posted 9 months ago by Hallie

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The Challenges of Graduate School: It’s all Worth it

This time last year, I was attending the Academic Festival at TC. I had just been admitted and decided to accept my offer.  When I started at TC last September, I knew I had hard work ahead of me. I had to balance school, work, commuting, and a personal life. It was all a little …

Posted 10 months ago by Caitlin Aymong

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Graduate School: Advice From Me to You

Now that the spring semester has ended, I have had time to reflect back upon the time when I was applying to graduate school and throughout the year. This post is dedicated to providing tips to prospective, incoming, and current students based on what I have learned since I decided to enroll in TC. Advice …

Posted 10 months ago by Rene C.

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First Year Fun to Summer Shenanigans

People say that time flies when you are having fun – which means that I have had a great first year at TC, because it feels like a blur! With final group projects presented, papers submitted and exams taken, my second semester is well and truly over. As I take stock of what has passed, …

Posted 10 months ago by Megha Sardana

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Summer: Putting Theory to Practice

As the first year concludes to my studies as a master’s student in the Elementary Inclusive Education program, I look forward to taking the summer off from coursework to focus on building my teaching experience and prepare for my full year of student teaching next year. While some students choose to take courses through the …

Posted 10 months ago by Thomas

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The Big Picture

“We need to be careful not to lose sight of the big picture”, said Professor Jonathan Osborne from Stanford University at one of the sessions I attended at the American Educational Research Association (AERA) conference. The professor made the remark in the context of scientific learning; however, I think it was a good reminder for …

Posted 11 months ago by Toi Sin Arvidsson

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Summer in New York!

As the spring semester winds down, I started reflecting on my past year at TC. I have learned so much in such a short period of time and I still have two more semesters to go! Thousands of pages read, tens of papers written, and multiple group projects later, I can say I am very …

Posted 11 months ago by Rene C.

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Repost: A Book as Diverse as its Topic

Written by: Siddhartha Mitter Human diversity is such a vast topic that a book about it would have to be nothing short of encyclopedic. Hence the new Encyclopedia of Diversity in Education, a four-volume analytic survey of the ways in which diversities of all kinds – gender, ethnicity, social class, nationality, language, physical ability, sexual …

Posted 11 months ago by Zachary

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First Spring in New York City

Coming from San Francisco, this has been a long winter. It has taught me to appreciate sunshine. The blue sky always brings a smile to my face nowadays. I especially love the days when I am studying at home and I can see the sky and hear the church bells ringing. And somehow, I don’t …

Posted 11 months ago by Toi Sin Arvidsson

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Well-rested and ready to face the rest of the semester

Editorial note: This blog was written for publication in early April, and talks about Spring Break, which occurred from Monday, March 18th - Friday, March 22nd. This year for spring break, I decided way ahead of time I wanted to go away. As early as last October I was looking into different trips, from California …

Posted 11 months ago by Caitlin Aymong

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Photo: 125th Subway Station, Harlem, NYC

Posted 11 months ago by Zachary

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Head Above Water

As I look back at my spring break there isn’t much to be said in terms of straying from the norm of my schedule.  This time was spent much as the same way that I have spent the majority of my weeks here at Teachers College – working!  My break was a jumble of personal …

Posted 11 months ago by Phillip Boda

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From TC to Joe’s Pub: Music Ed Students Play the City

Reposted from Arts & Humanities. Written by marieweller.

Since getting their undergraduate degrees at The New School, Christian Nourijanian and Dustin Kaufman have followed a similar trajectory in their career and educational paths.  Dustin recently graduated from Teachers College with a dual Master’s degree that pairs a jazz performance major from Manhattan School of Music (MSM) with a music education major from Teachers …

Posted 12 months ago by Zachary

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Rene’s Spring Break and Course Updates

My second semester is flying by! I cannot believe it is already April and we only have a few more weeks left of class. For spring break, I went to Miami with a few of my colleagues at TC. We had a blast and enjoyed relaxing before returning to NYC to finish up the semester. …

Posted 12 months ago by Rene C.

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Collaboration with Spain

This Spring Break was more eventful than I expected.  I originally planned to curl up on the couch and read a book, but I ended up being busier than I thought I would be, however I did get a lot done. Projects: It's hard to believe that I am now more than halfway through the …

Posted 12 months ago by Hallie

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